Ifa Nra Agreement

The IFA NRA Agreement: What You Need to Know

The IFA NRA agreement is a significant arrangement signed between the Indian Franchise Association (IFA) and the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI). The agreement aims to promote and develop the franchise industry in India by providing a common platform for the two associations to work together to ensure a more transparent and efficient business environment.

Key Features of the IFA NRA Agreement

The agreement focuses on four main areas:

1. Franchise development: The IFA and NRAI will work together to encourage the development of new franchise concepts and support existing ones by providing training, resources, and networking opportunities.

2. Advocacy: The associations will collaborate on advocacy efforts to promote the franchise industry`s interests with government bodies and other stakeholders.

3. Knowledge sharing: The IFA and NRAI will share industry information and best practices to boost the franchise industry`s growth and sustainability.

4. Research and insights: The associations will collaborate on research projects to gather data and insights that will help shape policies and strategies aimed at promoting the franchise sector`s development.

Why the IFA NRA Agreement Matters?

The IFA NRA agreement is a significant development for the franchise industry in India. The agreement creates a more unified platform for both associations to work together towards common goals, promoting transparency and efficiency in the sector. It also provides a wider network of resources and knowledge to benefit businesses in the sector, ultimately helping the industry`s overall growth.

Furthermore, the agreement comes at a crucial time when the franchise sector is grappling with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The IFA NRA collaboration will provide much-needed support to franchise businesses to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic and emerge stronger from the crisis.


The IFA NRA agreement is a welcome development for the franchise industry in India. The collaboration between the two associations will help the sector grow and thrive, benefiting the businesses and consumers alike. As the industry continues to evolve, the IFA NRAI collaboration will play a critical role in shaping its trajectory, ensuring a more transparent, efficient, and sustainable franchise sector in India.